Why are we here, What are we striving for?

About Us

What is PurposeOfTheLife.com?

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here, and what are we striving for? Is there a purpose to human existence?

As PurposeOfTheLife.com its name suggests, the purpose of is to make man aware of the Creation plan of God. “just the facts” on the world’s religions and topics of religious interest. Every effort has been taken to present material from an impartial, academic perspective.
This site has no mission or agenda other than to provide useful and interesting information on religion in an accessible format. Our goal is to combine the benefits of the unique capabilities of the Web to create a single convenient online resource for information on religion.
So how do you know you can trust the PurposeOfTheLife.com information presented in articles on this website? Only because it is based on respected sources that you can check for yourself. For each article, a variety of reliable, authoritative sources have been consulted, and these are documented in the Sources, References or Notes sections at the bottom of each page. In addition, wherever possible, articles will be reviewed for accuracy by a relevant academic expert or religious adherent. Where this has occurred, it is indicated in the Sources section.
Similarly, PurposeOfTheLife.com is intended to be a useful resource for people of any religious background or none at all. Its goal is to enable you to learn more about your own faith, compare it with another faith, investigate several belief systems, or just satisfy your curiosity about some aspect of a particular religion


About Our Objectives.

  •  To promote the teachings of Islam and Quran worldwide in various languages.
  • To remove the misconceptions of Islam and archiving universal Brotherhood and Peace in Societies
  • To increase the communication and unification in communities.
  • To engage in interfaith conversation with all faiths worldwide.
  • Allows Free Downloading and distributing Quran and Islamic Literature worldwide

Who is this site written for?

The information on PurposeOfTheLife.com is intended to be comprehensive and reliable enough for students, teachers, journalists and religious professionals, but also accessible and useful to those with only limited knowledge of religion. PurposeOfTheLife.com therefore offers detailed articles and treatments of specialized topics as well as just-the-basics overviews, facts and figures.

When and why was this site founded?

This PurposeOfTheLife.com site was promoted for a certain kind of online resource and didn’t find one, so decided to a single website where one could quickly find information on our Purpose of Creation  related to religion, rather than having to sift through search engine results, read past the biases of supportive or critical sources, or find my way around several different websites. And I wanted that one website to contain reliable, scholarly information by a knowledgeable author and with well-documented sources. We have tried to make PurposeOfTheLife.com as close as possible to this ideal resource

What can I do to support this site?

If you have found this site useful, there are several ways in which you can support.

  • Provide feedback and suggestions on what you like, what you’d like to see, and on how we can make this site a better resource by contacting the webmaster.
  • Recommend PurposeOfTheLife.com to friends who might find it helpful or interesting.
  • If you have a website, link to PurposeOfTheLife.com

Alhumdulillah! we appreciate Inshallah any opportunity to expand and request you to send Quran Translation in any language and Islamic Pamphlet/Literature which you feel will be beneficial for uploading on these websites. We welcome your valuable feedback and patronage.

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